Erectile dysfunction treatment must be taken with the first signs of the disease. Only in such case it will bring positive results in a short period. There are many erectile dysfunction treatment options. They can be chosen according to health conditions and age of the patient. The treatment must be taken only at the hospital, because all the treatments have their advantages and side effects. One medicine can treat suffering person very fast, but bring damage to the health of another one.

What can Oral medicines do?

Oral medicines are very popular erectile dysfunction treatment. They bring positive results immediately and can be taken almost by all men and also include such pills as Viagra, tadalatil and many others. They can differ in a price, but in fact they all produce the same effect. Their main function is that they increase the level of the nitric oxide in the men’s body. It is very important substance, because it makes the muscles of penis more relaxed. This process causes the flood of the blood in the body. As a result it provokes erection as the respond of the sexual stimulation as it happens in a healthy body.

Such treatment for erectile dysfunction requires caution in using. Only the doctor can prescribe its dosage. Different phases of the disease need different treatment. It is necessary to know that there are some side effects, which can be caused because of the wrong dosage. They include sudden flushing of the face, running nose, terrible headache. In some cases it provokes stomach upset or even visual changes.

Very often oral medicines can not solve the problem at once. That’s why treatment can take some time.

There are many erectile dysfunction treatments.

There’s many erectile dysfunction treatments, which are very low in price. They are bought over-the-counter. Such remedies include not only peels, but herbal medicines or vitamins. Some of them bring no harm and can be taken by all suffering men. But there is a big risk to meet treatment, which will be very dangerous for the health. Some of their components can provoke angina, blood-thinning or increase the blood pressure. In some cases they cause even stroke or diabetes.

There is a big rage of other cures for erectile dysfunction. They include different injections, pumps, suppositories and a lot of other treatments. Self-injections of Alpostadil are very popular erectile dysfunction cure. They usually cause erection, which can last nearly one hour. These injections are given with the help of very thin needle, which brings no pain to the patient. Of course there are some side effects, such as bleeding in the place of injection. Erection can also last too long.

Some patients get the courses of the testosterone replacement. The thing is that disease is usually caused with the law level of the hormone in the blood. Special medicines can increase level of such substance in the body.

Some erectile dysfunction cures include such complicated procedure as using penis implants. They are put in the penis in two sides in the surgical way. They help to control the erection. But many doctors don’t recommend such treatment, because it is very complicated. Infection can also simply pass in the body. It is better to choose this cure only when others a remedies bring no positive effect at all.

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