When you’re strugging with Erectile Dysfunction due to Performance Anxiety, chances are that you’re taking yourself and the situation way too seriously.

Humor can be an excellent way to interrupt your own negative pattern and loosen you and your lover up.

One of my clients had a shy penis recently. He was with a gorgeous girl that he really liked. And things started getting physical.

When he went to put the condom on, he went soft.

He could feel his cheeks getting all hot and red and he was getting really anxious.

So he remembered what I taught him, and he knew it was time to use humor to lighten the mood.

He said “This is like trying to put an oyster in a slot machine.”

The girl started laughing and then he started laughing, and that was all it took to loosen them up.

A few minutes later, he was relaxed and enjoying himself with her, and he was able to get it up and perform just fine. They had great sex.

So ask yourself “What’s funny about this situation?” and learn to laugh at yourself and the situation.

If you say “There’s nothing funny about this! This is terrible, Fred!” Then What COULD be funny about this situation, if you wanted to find something funny about it?

Also, hopefully your friends can help you laugh at these tough situations.

If you feel like crap after you fail to get an erection, then call a friend and you guys can laugh and joke about it.

It’ll make you feel better about the whole thing.

When I almost went blind from Viagra (yes, Viagra has been known to cause blindness in some cases) I was naturally feeling down.  I knew I would have to stop taking Viagra and since it was my crutch, I wouldn’t be able to perform without it and my lover would leave me. Plus I was worried about my blurred vision.

I called up my best friend and told him about it. He said “Make sure to tell her to have a doggy treat for your seeing-eye dog when you stop by!”

I laughed hysterically and it was just what I needed to brighten my mood.

You might be thinking, “I can’t talk to my friends about my erectile dysfunction!”

I’m here to tell you that YES YOU CAN.

If you have good friends, you should be able to be real and vulnerable with them and talk about your challenges.

I can talk to ALL of my friends,  men and women, about my performance anxiety. Not because I’m so special or my friends are so unique, but just because I had to courage to put my pride aside and talk to them about it.

If your friends judge you and don’t help you laugh about your challenges, then you might need some new friends.

You can’t stay anxious or depressed while you’re laughing, so used the power of humor to help you overcome Performance Anxiety!

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