The Medications applied to treatment erectile of dysfunction, include:

  1. testosterone
  2. Oral phosphodiesterase inhibitors such as levitra, viagra and cialis
  3. Injections of Medication a vein
  4. Suppositories, introduced into the urethra. How successful is the use of testosterone in treating erectile dysfunction?

Testosterone treatment of patients who have been hypogonadism, increases libido and restore erections, but each patient’s response to this type of treatment will be different. Some applications require more and oral drugs such as vardenafil and tadafil.

To men is more senior 40 years inspection of a breast is required to pass and prostate (on cancer presence prostate) to check up level of a specific antigene prostate. All given procedures need to be begun before treatment by hormones since hormones promote formation of cancer cages. To patients at whom the increase in a breast and a cancer of prostate is observed, should not accept testosterone and pass hormonal treatment.

Medication oral phosphodiesterase inhibitors

What is sildenafil (viagra)?

Sildenafil is the first oral phosphodiesterase inhibitor which was applied to treatment of erectile dysfunctions. Enzymes, a part of the given kind of inhibitor relaxations of a smooth muscle cavernous bodies of a sexual member promote. At a relaxation of this muscle, the rush of blood to a penis is restored, leading to that the sexual member increases. Sildenafil increases a stream or a rush of blood to a sexual member and promotes an establishment of erection.

It is how much effective sildenafil?

Sildenafil it is applied to treatment of erectile the dysfunction caused by the psychological or physical reasons. The given preparation was successfully applied to treatment of erectile dysfunctions at men with ischemic illness of heart, a diabetes, high arterial pressure and those patients which accept energizers.

During researches it was found out, that at application of sildenafil improvement of a condition of 60% of men with a diabetes and 80% of the men, not suffering a diabetes was observed.

Application of sildenafil.

This preparation is issued in the form of tablets, in doses on 25, 50 and 100 mkg. This preparation needs to be accepted for an hour before sexual intercourse, medicine action lasts from 10-20 minutes. This preparation needs to be applied to the best result on a hungry stomach ie if this preparation to accept after meal absorption and efficiency of a preparation decreases, especially after the meal rich with fats.

Application dose of sildenafil.

At application of this preparation, it is necessary to consider age, presence of diseases at the patient. An initial dose of it the preparation is 50 mkg, however, the doctor can increase or reduce a dose of a preparation depending on by-effects. A recommended maximum dose of 100 mkg each 24 hours, but this quantity of a preparation also is necessary for many men.

In advanced age, at illnesses of a liver and kidneys, at application of some preparations the metabolism of sildenafil is slowed down. At slow disintegration of this preparation it starts to collect in a body of the person and can strengthen by-effects. And consequently it is necessary for doctor to lower a dose of this preparation to 25 mg and can be even less than themes to patients who are more senior 65 years, to patients with illnesses of kidneys and a liver, accepting protease inhibitors. Protease inhibitor ritonavir can become the accumulation reason sildenafil and consequently, those men who accept Norvir, should not exceed a dose of sildenafil, ie the dose of the last a preparation should be not above 25 mg.

Side-effects of sildenafil.

This preparation does not cause by-effects, and if they and are available the insignificant. By-effects: a headache, heat inflow, a nausea, nasal a nose, a diarrhoeia, not clear sight.

The given preparation can become the reason of development of a hypotension which can lead to a faint and even a shock, especially, if the preparation is given to the patients accepting nitrates. Therefore sildenafil it is impossible to accept to patients who accept nitrates daily. Nitrates are applied to stenocardia treatment.

Sildenafil it is necessary to apply with care to men who accept an alpha-blokatory, such as doxazosin, terazosin, tamsulosin. It is informed on cases of fall of a blood pressure at those men who accepted these two preparations simultaneously and consequently the break is recommended to do, approximately from 4 till 6 o’clock between application of sildenafil and an alpha-blokatorov.

Also there were cases priapism (painful erection lasting more than six hours) at application of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, such as sildenafil, vardenafil and tadalafil. Priaprizma can arise at a combination of sildenafil with other preparations entered in urinary a path. At people with such illnesses as, for example, the leukaemia or melanoma, is available the increased risk for development of priapism. If not to treat priapism it can lead to defeat of a penis and a constant impotence. If at the patient it is observed long erection more than four hours it is necessary to address immediately to the doctor.

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