Erectile dysfunction causes are quite different. But in all the cases they bring much suffering to men. That’s why this disease must be treated very quickly. But first of all it is necessary to know what causes erectile dysfunction.

Brain, blood, hormones nerves and even emotions take part in the process of erection. That’s why reasons of the erectile dysfunctions can be both psychological and physical.

What factors can cause erectile dysfunction ?


One of the factors, what causes erectile dysfunction in men is a heart disease. They reduce the flow of the blood to the penis. Ander the normal conditions, it makes the tissue of the penis harden and expand. But if this flow isn’t strong enough, erection doesn’t happen. Sometimes it is caused by high level of the blood pressure. Sometimes different diseases provoke erective dysfunction as their side effects.

Some causes of erectile dysfunction can be connected with nervous system. Other reasons provoke law level of the hormones, which are necessary for men. Hypogonadism reduces the level of testosterone in the body. Sometimes men can suffer with cushin’s syndrome. Because of this illness there appears hormone called cortisol. It is also very harmful for erectile function.

Another erectile dysfunction causes are connected with anatomic conditions. Sometimes the tissue of penis gets affected and it can not do his function normally.

Other erectile dysfunctional causes appear after taking some strong medicines. The most dangerous are diuretics, fibrates, antipsychotics, H2-antagonists, anti-androgents and cytotoxics. They are prescribed to treat cancer, allergic reactions, epilepsy, blood pressure and different problems with hormones. That’s why their taking requires caution and they can be prescribed only by the doctor. Sometimes it is possible to find other medicines, which can treat in the same way, but bring no damage to human body.


There are also erectile dysfunction causes that are connected with psychology. The most complicated include depression and anxiety. Sometimes they are connected with physical problems. Foe example, man can suffer with some disease and that’s why he has a fear that it will cause erectile dysfunctions. In most cases they provoke problems with its right functioning.

There is a long list of the psychological causes. They can be provoked by problems in the relations, especially when person can not speak openly about his sexual issues. Very often patient can not relax because of his past sexual problems. Lack of necessary sexual knowledge very often brings to this problem. New relations can also affect on the sexual life.

There exist some another reason which lead to the disease. They are caused because of the constant alcohol or drugs taking. The most dangerous substances are heroin and cocaine. Tiredness can also affect the man body.

In some very rare situations, erective dysfunction is caused by the head injuries. Very often symptoms appear at once after the trauma. But sometimes they can be provoked only in some years.

Only the doctor can find out right reasons of the disease and prescribe necessary cure. That’s why it is very important to visit his as quickly as possible.

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