Do you show up to sex mentally and physically prepared for outstanding sex with a quiet, focused mind like an olympic athlete before his event? Or do you show up fearful, with lots of monkey chatter in your head, filled with anxiety, and expecting failure?

If you have erectile dysfunction due to Performance Anxiety, then chances are it’s the latter. Impotence is a state of mind and so is Superpotency, as Dr. Dudely Danoff calls it.

There is a way to prime your mind and body to perform at your best every single time. It’s called the Sexual Success Ritual.

First, direct your mind with some powerful, positive questions.

Some examples are:

“What am I grateful for in my sex life right now?”

If the voice in your head immediately says “Nothing, it sucks! I’m impotent!” Then what could you be grateful for if you wanted to be? There’s something to be grateful for.

“What am I happy about right now?”

“What am I confident about right now?”

“What am I turned on about?”

For each question, there’s two other parts to the question.

a. “What about that makes me (grateful, happy, etc.)?”

b.” How does that make me feel?”

Make sure you really feel the feelings and didn’t just think about them in a detached manner. If you just went through the motions, go back and do it again! I can’t help you if you’re not willing to do the work.

Now, after you’ve directed your mind, it’s time to get into a peak state.

Think about a time when you had a near perfect sexual experience. A time when you felt complete ecstasy. If you’ve never had a near perfect sexual experience, then make one up.

See everything that you saw then. Hear all the sounds that you heard. Feel the pleasure that you felt then. Put the look on your face that you had on your face then. Breathe the way you were breathing then. Move the way you were moving then.

What were you focusing on then? That’s right, focus on that.

What did you believe then? About yourself? About the experience? About your lover?

What did you say in your head or out loud during that sexperience? Did you say “Yes! Yes!” or something else?

Right before you get to the peak of the experience, I want you to make a unique move with your body. This is what we call a Power Move. It could be as simple as squeezing your fist and saying “Yes!” Just make sure it’s out of the ordinary from what you usually do and make sure it’s discreet enough that you can do it in front of your lover during sex without her thinking you’re crazy.

The point of the power move is to anchor this positive state into your body. Over time, you’ll be able to just make your power move and you’ll automatically go into your peak state.

So when you get to the peak, make your Power Move and make your sound along with it!

Now choose a different time when you had a near perfect sexual experience. And repeat the whole process. Do this with at least five different experiences.

If you follow all the steps, you’ll notice that you’re feeling amazing by the end of this ritual. And it only takes a couple minutes to do this.

Do this everytime before you have sex, and you’ll be showing up to the bedroom in a peak state, ready to feel and give the most pleasure possible!

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