The connection between age and ED

Contrary to popular misconception, aging is not responsible for ED. Many people are often under the erroneous impression that ED is caused aging. This notion could be further from the truth. However, for us to have a proper understanding of whether or not aging causes Erectile Dysfunction, it will help that we have an accurate understanding of what ED is. ED can be explained not being able to maintain erection for sexual intercourse. While there are many types of ED, it must be pointed out that age is not responsible nonetheless age often increases the chances and severity of ED. In simpler terms, age is not responsible for Erectile Dysfunction but it can increase the likelihood and severity of Erectile Dysfunction.

Understanding erectile dysfunction

For men, sex and stimulation is a very sophisticated sequence of processes that involves a lot of interactions in the system. An erection begins with sensory and mental stimulation at which point Blood vessels of the corpora cavernosa become at ease and open up, blood rushes in through the cavernosus arteries to fill them. Tunica albuginea which is tissue that encompass the corpora cavernosa will then hold the erection in place by trapping blood that entered the cavernosa. Interestingly, all of these processes are triggered by signals from the brain.  These are the fundamental processes that must happen for an erection to occur. Therefore, when any of these processes is disturbed, there is a high chance that a form of Erectile Dysfunction would begin to manifest.

Is it possible to avoid erectile dysfunction (ED and Age)

Age is inconsequential

Many people attribute ED to the aging process. While the chances of having ED becomes higher with age, do not despair as there are numerous ways to remedy the root cause of Erectile Dysfunction. Various investigations reveal that a staggering number of elderly men suffer from ED with a  certain fraction of this men above 50 being having no erections at all. It will interest you to know that factors responsible for Erectile Dysfunction are often times unrelated to age.

Some of the causes of ED include the following factors: being overweight, excessive blood sugar, cardiac conditions, elevated cholesterol, inflamed prostrate, insomnia, nerve conditions, reduced testosterone, and many more.

Is it possible to avoid erectile dysfunction (ED and Age)

Testosterone is the male chemical substance that controls sexual performance, stimulation, verve, male characteristics, muscle strength and a host of other features. When there is a decline in testosterone, sexual problems in men becomes unavoidable. Excess blood sugar is one factor that causes ED in most men. This is because excess sugar destroys blood vessels making it impossible to have adequate movement of blood to the penis for a solid erection.

Interestingly, studies have revealed that diabetes and testosterone decline is intertwined. If you suffer from any of these conditions, there is a heightened chance that you could develop ED.    

Way of life

ED is not only caused by health conditions. There are many individuals that suffer from ED as a result of their way of life. Some practices that trigger Erectile Dysfunction includes: Excessive ingestion of liquor, excessive tobacco smoking, medications, clinical anxiety and melancholia.

Excessive liquor intake makes you inebriated and completely unable to have or sustain an erection because your brain has been hampered from transmitting indicators. While alcohol temporarily disables your erection, smoking can give you an enduring ED condition by clogging your arteries and reducing movement of blood to your penis.  

Is it possible to avoid erectile dysfunction (ED and Age)

While many people assume that only illegal drugs are unsafe, you will be amazed to find that certain doctor prescribed drugs can have dire consequences for your erections. Some of these drugs include: antidepressants, hormone drugs, calcium channel blockers and many more.

The brain is the biggest sex organ and it is the hub of stimulation and can make or break your erection. Individuals with emotional issues are very unlikely to have good erections. If you are suffering from anxiety, or melancholia your erection and sexual performance will be affected greatly. Depending on the severity, it is common to find people with anxiety having premature ejaculation and people with melancholia having no sexual urge at all or finding it hard to maintain a firm erection.

Adjustments to your way of life and various therapies

Once you make adjustments to your way of life and use the right therapies, you can be sure that Erectile Dysfunction will be a bygone issue in your life. Some adjustments to your way of life should include trying to lower your weight, stop smoking, reducing stress, and cultivate a healthy bond with your spouse or significant other.

Every individual has a particular form of ED therapy that is most suitable to their needs. Some people respond well to pills while other to patches and gels. Ultimately, the cause of ED is also a key factor that will influence what therapy is administered.


Because of the numerous ways in which the body declines as you get older, you can be sure that aging contributes to Erectile Dysfunction. With declining hormones, cells, tissues, lowered digestion and so on, the chances of having ED becomes high. However, it must be pointed out that it is not aging but various complications that comes with aging that causes ED.

There are many ways to find the cause of ED. Once the cause of ED is identified, you can be sure that an effective treatment option will be administered and you’ll regain your sexual life.

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