My Wife Is 20 Years Younger

“Since my wife is 20 years younger than I am, this is the absolute perfect answer. I can relax! I am guaranteed to be in complete control…and my wife – well all you have to do is look at that smile on her face. Thank you!.” R & L – Lancaster, CA

I Tried Viagra®

“…I am 64 years old and I tried Viagra® with some mixed results but it was not like it used to be when I was much younger. I even tried every herbal product I read about and always with the same pitch, “If it doesn’t work, just return it for your money back.” I spent lots of money on postage and handling, which they never return. Then I went golfing with a friend that told me about this treatment, so I went to one of them. He said they guaranteed that I would achieve an erection one my first visit or there was no charge. FREE. Not one cent. I gave it a try in Feb 2007. That’s the second time I was born. I can decide to make love any hour of the day and be ready in less than 10 minutes and last for over an hour. That is priceless! Thank you W. L. – Sherman Oaks, CA

An Enlarged Prostate

“…I am 63 years old, fairly active, quite healthy and married to a beautiful lady 16 years my junior. An enlarged prostate has really limited my sexual activity for the past two years. I go to Las Vegas every 2 months and I have seen your newspaper ads but never called. It’s just hard to make that call. Then while in Las Vegas during the Final 4 tournament in 2008, I called your clinic. I went in the same day and 90 minutes later, I walked out a new man. I never did see the games that evening. Thank You. My wife also thanks you.” – B. T. – Concord, CA

I Would Just Finish Too Soon

” I am just 38 years old, and I don’t have a problem getting an erection I just finish too soon, and it’s really difficult for my wife. While on vacation I heard a commercial about five times. All I had to do was call and in one visit, I was guaranteed that I would get an immediate erection  or I didn’t have to pay any money. I finally called but I didn’t show up for my appointment. A guy called the next day to see what happened. I told him I was uneasy about the whole thing. He assured me if I would just come in  I would be the happiest man in the world that night. I gave it a try… and it’s true, and now my wife is the happiest girl in the world. I still do it fast but I can keep on going now. My erections last as long as I want…easily over 2 hours! Thanks! – C. – Flagstaff, AZ

I Thought I Was Just Too Tired

“…I am a mason and and for years I always thought that if I was too tired I couldn’t get it up. I actually thought that was normal. Then I put up a brick wall at a home in Studio City. I won’t tell you what they did at that house, but I will tell you what I learned. I wasn’t tired, I had erectile dysfunction. I was given a card from one of your centers. I recently went to the office in Los Angeles, and in one visit, they solved my problem. Now I can go home any hour of the day and be ready in just three minutes. Tired doesn’t even matter anymore. Thanks guys… you guys are the best”  P. S. – Quartz Hill, CA

High Blood Pressure

“…I am 61 years old, but I suffered a heart attack when I was just 43. I have high blood pressure, diabetes, an enlarged prostate and I have to take about 10 different pills in the morning. As a result, I started experiencing difficulty in keeping a good erection when I was only 46. I had heard about a new drug, Viagra® so I went to my urologist to see about getting a prescription for it. He told me that I couldn’t safely take that kind of medication. My urologist recommended that I try your program instead. He said they specialized in treating guys with problems just like mine, and he told me they could provide medications, containing only FDA approved ingredients, that are safe, which could give me back a terrific sex life. At 46, this was really important to me, and equally as important to my wife. I went to one of your centers, and everything I was told was true. I was instantly able to get erections that last 45 minutes or longer any time I want! my wife and I are both grateful to your medical centers for restoring a great sex life that I thought I had lost forever. I am thankful that I am a member of a generation that has these types of treatments available and with such relative ease. Thanks, M. S. – Palm Desert, CA.

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