Male impotence is unfortunately becoming a popular health ailment. It may even be that it has always been an issue for millions of men, but up until recently it was simply just never spoken of. It is defined as difficulty or the lack to obtain or withstand an erection, making sexual intercourse extremely challenging. It’s also becoming an issue for men at much younger ages than previously reported in past years.

There is a common misconception that this affects only much older men and that could not be further from the truth as it has been known to occur in several cases of men even in their twenties. Certainly, having ED is not a medical emergency of any kind it is however straining on the relationships it affects and it can lead to emotional issues and stress for many men that suffer from it. In fact, lots of men actually end up with ED as a direct result of stress in their lives. Many find that speaking to someone or weekly therapy sessions can be a step in the right direction to relieve some of that stress and gain back their sex lives in the process. Studies are showing that this is a condition that over twenty million men experience every year.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are nothing other than the inability to obtain or control an erection for normal time frames during sexual activity it doesn’t have any other true symptoms as there typically is no lack of sexual desire along with the disorder. By “normal” time frames, doctors are advising this does not include hours of the act but more on the average of what your body was accustomed to in previous performances. The occasional offset and not having the ability to achieve an erection is not ED and could be caused by various other factors in your life that particular day.

The good news is that ED is easily treatable and it is even simpler to diagnose. Consult with your family doctor about your sexual health concerns and he/she will advise if you have the condition and what steps you can take for treatment. Over the past decade there has been an increase in the amount of drugs and enhancers that are available for treating ED. Some are over the counter and others require a prescription. For the ones requiring a prescription, do yourself a big favor and be honest with your doctor that will be prescribing the medication as way too often men are not upfront regarding the other pills they take on a weekly basis and they mix them with the male enhancement pills and end up making a trip the ER. Most ED meds are formulated to increase blood circulation, which means if you are on any medication that raises your heart rate you absolutely must inform your doctor of those prior to accepting the ED prescription. Some other strategies for decreasing ED symptoms are obviously to lower your stress level. If you are stressed about anything, your body shows it in more ways than one. Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest, ample exercise and find an outlet to relieve your stress that you are comfortable with.

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