Everyone knows what impotence or erectile dysfunction is – the difficulty of obtaining or maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. Although many believe that this is a specific old age problem (and indeed, almost a third of elderly men are suffering from temporary or permanent impotence), it may also affect younger men.

It is believed today that impotence can be caused both by physical health problems, as well as psychological problems. Physical reasons that can cause erectile dysfunction are varied, the most common being: endocrine causes, neurological diseases and penile vascular disease. However, some medical treatments or use of certain substances may be the primary cause of the occurrence of erectile dysfunction at an early age: some antidepressants, antihypertensive, drugs, alcohol, too much smoking, a generally unhealthy and erratic lifestyle can also determine this disorder. About 40 percent of men over 40 years have experienced some form of erectile dysfunction.

Researchers found that men who have sedentary jobs are more likely to be affected by impotence. Studies show men working in the financial sector tend to seek medical help to a greater extent than those at any other job. There is also a tendency for those with male specific occupations to consider they are immune to such failures, so they ignore the symptoms for years instead of addressing a doctor.

Erectile dysfunction is considered an embarrassing issue, many men consider that it damages their masculinity, making them “less men”, so they rarely talk about this problem and unfortunately sometimes medical examination happens too late. It is essential that the man who has faced several times erectile problems to make a full review, both medically and psychologically, to determine the primary cause of impotence: physical or psychological. Only through this step he can proceed to solve the problem. If he thinks “it will be better next time” is not going to find realistic solutions. If a complete medical examination revealed no physical cause for erectile dysfunction, then mental problems are causing this condition.

There are many treatments available that can improve sexual function. One handy approach is a proper diet. Celery is known for its refreshing properties, also pepper and ginger can stimulate erection due to high levels of vitamins B compounds. Hazelnuts and peanuts are great for boosting male sexual function due to oil vegetable and vitamin E. a high sexual tone can be also obtained with royal jelly, honey products and ginseng-based formulas. Besides diet you can also try herbal erection pills. Due to natural ingredients do not cause side effects like prescribed drugs and in addition have a positive effect on the body.

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