It’s often hard (no pun intended) to tell if your erectile dysfunction (problems with getting and keeping an erection) is due to a physical problem with the bloodflow to your penis or just a psychological  challenge such as performance anxiety or depression.

Both seem to be very physical, because your penis physically isn’t working. But if we investigate further, we can find the answer.

Do you wake up with erections in the morning sometimes?

If you do, your penis is most likely working just fine (when your not thinking about getting an erection.

Do you have erections just fine when you masturbate?

Again, if you do, then this is another excellent sign that you are very capable of getting an erection.

(NOTE: This one isn’t as reliable as the morning wood or sleep erections. It’s possible to have performance anxiety even when you masturbate if you put so much pressure on yourself to get an erection because your entire manhood relies on it. So even if you lose your erection during masturbation, it does not mean anything is physically wrong with you).

If you don’t get erections in the above situations, then you can do the classic Postage Stamp Test.

All healthy males get erections during their sleep, EVERY night.

Though simple, this test is fairly reliable to find out if you get erections while you’re sleeping. Take a strip of postage stamps and wrap it around your penis before you go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning, if the perforation between the stamps is torn, then chances are you had an erection during the night.

If the stamp test didn’t show that you had an erection, then you can go to a urologist and have them give you the Nocturnal Penile Tumescence Test (NPT).  It’s a kit that you take home with you. It looks like mini blood pressure cuffs and you put them on your penis. The gadget prints out in graph form any erections you had during the night, and it can even measure how hard your erections were.

If after these measures, you find that it is a physical problem, speak to your urologist about your alternatives. Get an second opinion if necessary.

But in most cases, there is nothing physically wrong with you. It’s all in your head.

Now, take a moment to celebrate this! Come on, really celebrate. That means your feet come off the ground!

Very good.

Don’t beat yourself up because of your mental block. Remember, being hard on yourself makes your penis go soft on  yourself! So instead, be grateful that you’re healthy and working properly!

So now we must deal with the pyschological challenges that are interfering with your natural ability to achieve an erection.

It could be a lack of confidence, performance anxiety, depression, unresolved relationship issues, and more!

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