Normal sexual function in men is characterized by libido (sexual interest) and sexual activity (erection and ejaculation). Sexual impulse is the result of the action of androgens; libido is maintained by sex hormones. The low level of male hormones reduces libido and ability to end a sexual act, which is impotence. In normal conditions, when there is sexual desire, nervous system emits some signals that trigger the release of a transmitter that dilate the arteries of the penis, resulting in the accumulation of blood in the male sexual organ – erection. Artery dilation in turn produces a compression of the veins; blood in the penis is blocked during sexual intercourse in order to achieve orgasm – ejaculation. At this point, another neurotransmitter eliminates the effect of the first neurotransmitter, and the normal volume of penile arteries is restored.

On the market there are dozens of herbal remedies that treat erectile dysfunction, and is better to choose only those verified. Food and Drug Administration warns that many of them can contain ingredients that are not specified in the prospectus and that may put your health at risk. One of the ingredients is the very active substance in Viagra, a drug given only with prescription.

Nevertheless natural remedies and natural treatments have been proven to be effective in treating ED, they are even are mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible. Egyptians and Greeks have mentioned treatments for impotence from their very first written texts.

The most effective herbal plants are:

  • Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha) is not botanically related to the ginseng. Ashwagandha or Withana somnifera is the most “potent” herb of India. It is used both for women and men to increase libido and improve sexual function. In ayurvedic system, Ashwagandha is the queen of plants. You could say it is a hot plant for two reasons: first because it is a good aphrodisiac, and secondly because it grows in the warmest regions of India. Ashwagandha has a sedative effect on central nervous system and increases the sedative effects of other treatment. People who work with heavy equipment or who need a high alert (drivers) should remember this if they use Ashwagandha.
  • Siberian Ginseng is a plant of which roots are prepared some products. Do not confuse this plant with American ginseng or Panax ginseng. It is indicated in impotence due to hormonal disorders and in decreased libido, the feminine and masculine infertility, in the menstrual cycle disorders and menopause. Administered for short periods of time, this plant is safe for most adults .However those who suffer from heart diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes should avoid this herb.
  • Tribullus terrestris or devil’s weed. Preparations of this plant are used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean medicine to treat infertility and sexual dysfunction in men and women. Traditional Chinese medicine gives this herb protective action of vascular system, being used successfully in hypertension and coronary disease.
  • Maca or natural Viagra has a significant impact on sexual performance, increases sperm production, energy levels, testosterone levels and help balance hormone levels. In the past, the Inca used to eat this plant before going to fight for more power and endurance.

Epimedium sagittatum or fairy wings. Known since ancient China it can be used to improve erectile function and libido. Epimedium allows blood to reach the penis in much greater quantities, increase nitric oxide levels and relax the smooth muscles of the penis. Also, like Viagra, it is a mild PDE-5 inhibitor that helps the release of testosterone, which naturally increases libido and resistance.

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