It’s no secret that High Blood Pressure can lead to Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety.

There has been ongoing research and studies conducted in the control and treatment of high blood pressure, discovering that high blood pressure is a major cause of erectile dysfunction anxiety.It has been estimated that 48% of the men between the ages of 39 and 79 with high blood pressure had Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety.

Here’s The Bottom Line, high blood pressure prevents the arteries from doing their job,carrying the blood into the penis.

The smooth muscle is affected by the lack of this blood flow resulting in Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety. Add on to this, the reality that your Testosterone Level May Be Low. And this being a male hormone needed in sexual arousal,the lack of it can lead to further Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety issues and problems. 

High Blood pressure,  as well as the medication for treatment, can lead to erectile dysfunction anxiety.

Two of the most commonly known to cause erectile dysfunction anxiety is Diuretics, or more commonly known as water pills. And Beta blockers, which are know to reduced the response to the nerve impulses that are needed for a healthy erection. The water pills decrease the force  of blood flowing into the penis, and can deplete the zinc levels within the body.Zinc is needed in the production of testosterone. Lifestyle impacts high blood pressure andsexual functioning. Making the decision to smoke can affect your overall condition.Smoking increases blood pressure,and damages blood vessels, andreduces blood flow to the penis causing ongoing cycles of erectile dysfunction anxiety. Over time, high blood pressure damages the lining of the blood vessels and causes the arteries to harden and narrow resulting in atherosclerosis,limiting blood flow.

Even a single event  of Erectile Dysfunction can lead to Anxiety.Fears that it will happen again may lead men to avoid sex all together,and this certainly would affect any partner they were involve with.

  • Here’s The Bottom Bottom Line:

Blood Flow Is So Vital To Having A Strong Powerful Erection.The reason for this, is the very Anatomy Of The Penis.There are two side by side chambers of spongy tissue within the shaft of the penis called the corpora cavernosa regulating erections. And right below them,there is another chamber called the corpus spongiosum. The Urethra, which carries urine and semen,runs through the center of it.

The corpora cavernosa is a network of small arteries, veins,smooth muscle fiber, and empty spaces. The chambers are surrounded by a sheath of thin tissue.

When you get an erection resulting from getting nerve signals from the brain or from the nerve endings in your penis. The smooth muscles of the chambers  relax and open for the on rush of blood to fill the empty spaces,resulting in an erection. So anything that prevents this functioning, limiting  blood flow to the penis can create anxiety.

That’s the Bottom Bottom line..It’s Not Just About Your Penis…It’s About You As A Whole Person Connected From Within And From Without.One area of your life affecting another. Just like High Blood Pressure Resulting In Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety.

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