Using herbal remedies to help treat erectile dysfunction has been done for centuries. Many cultures, including Eastern, Native American and South American have utilized herbal medicines for a impotence remedy for hundreds of years.  These cultures have used natural herbs to not only treat impotence but have used them to treat other health issues.

The question that I always get, is why are so many people skeptical to use herbal remedies if they have been used for so long?

There are a couple of good reasons for this. One, since the time we are born, we are somewhat brainwashed in thinking that information and medicines that we get from doctors is the only answer or solution to our problems. This is simply not true. People do not realize that many of today’s prescription drugs were developed from research based on plants or herbs. It is not cost effective to produce the drugs from herbs so they synthetically make them. The other reason for such skepticism for using natural remedies is because of the popularity of Viagra, there have been several products that have appeared on the market making wild claims regarding helping to cure impotence that simply were bogus and ineffective. In fact, sometimes, these products were not safe to use at all for an impotence remedy. As such, the consumer has become confused and justifiably so.

So how do we know if these herbal remedies are safe?

There are no government agencies like the FDA that regulate herbal medicines, therefore they are not subjected to standardized testing that prescription drugs are. This is why doctors will not endorse herbal products. However, in Europe, particularly Germany, they have done extensive research on herbal medicines. In fact, probably more research than the FDA does on prescription drugs here in the United States.

Without the doctor’s or FDA’s blessing, why do people still use herbal remedies?

Primarily because people are looking for something that is safe and effective. Although, these remedies are not endorsed by doctors, there is a long history of herbal use by many different cultures that go back for centuries. We know that they work. Now what we do not know is how they affect different individuals. For example, one herb may not seem to be as effective for me but works extremely well by another person. People are looking for different alternatives to prescription drugs to not only fight erectile dysfunction but other health issues also. They are concerned about what effect the prescription drugs, like Viagra, will have on their long term health.

More people are using alternative medicines, such as herbal remedies, than ever before.  This is due to the fact that people are observing or hearing about the successfulness of herbal use as an impotence remedy.  One other benefit to using natural remedies to treat impotence is that it can help other issues also whereas, if you were to use a prescription drug, like Viagra, it only targets the improvement of erectile dysfunction.

If you are curious about trying herbal remedies for your impotence, here are some important things to consider:

Do your own research. Don’t rely on what someone else tells you. With the boom of the internet, you can find information on anything. Go to Google and do a search on the herbal remedy that you are considering or do research on the individual herbs that are contained in the herbal remedy. If you are taking prescription drugs for other issues, it would be a good idea to speak with your doctor about using herbal remedies to treat your erectile dysfunction. Although, herbal remedies are safe, they can sometimes produce negative reactions because of the interaction with the prescription drugs. One thing to keep in mind is that unlike a prescription drug where you get immediate results, with herbal medicine, it can sometimes take several days or weeks for them to work or for you to notice a difference. Bottom line, is when used properly, herbal medicines are an extremely safe and effective impotence remedy.

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