Erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction can be associated with health problems such as diabetes, hypertension – high blood pressure, heart disease – coronary heart disease and peripheral heart disease – which is a disorder with blood flow, disorders of the nervous system and probably one of the major psychological areas is depression which in turn can be caused by all of the afore mentioned symptoms.  ED can also be the result of side effects from medications to correct the above health problems and also various other symptoms even a medication to control hair thinning and hair loss such as Proscar can cause ED.

Treating ED can in turn improve intimacy and satisfaction within the sexual aspects of life which can lead to an improvement in the quality of life thus relieving symptoms of depression.  There are many options for treatment of this condition and treatment can occur at any age.  The underlying cause will need to be given much attention firstly and so a visit to your doctor to find what this is will be necessary.  Without knowing what the cause is no treatment can begin.  Usually a temporary erection is not a major concern it can be caused from stress in personal or work life or may be a side effect of new medication or just fatigue.  As a man ages and usually after he has reached the 50 years mark ED can happen much more frequently it is no uncommon.  Even with simple lifestyle changes such as loss of weight or stopping smoking can cause fluctuations in this area.  Once the underlying issue is found then the treatments can begin.  Most men may need some kind of treatment to help the condition such as psychotherapy, medications, vacuum devices and lastly surgery.

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Anxiety or stress related erectile dysfunction can be helped by seeing a therapist.  A therapist can help the patient to find out what is the cause of the anxiety or stress that is being felt.  It could be work related or the relationship in general, there may be financial difficulties and so talking with a therapist could alleviate the symptoms once techniques are in place providing a better way of dealing with these stressors.  In cases such as this usually 4-6 classes may be required.

In recent years there a number of medications which have entered the market to help with ED.  They can be administered orally or injected directly into the penis or inserted into the urethra.  Those which are usually prescribed are Viagra to be taken orally by swallowing 1 hour before sexual activity.  Cialis can be taken orally by swallowing 36 hours before activity and Staxyn which dissolves in the mouth can be taken an hour before activity.  All of these medications should be taken only once per day and if an erection lasts longer than 4 hours medical attention should be sought.

If the patient cannot take medications safely or the prescribed medication did not have the desired effect, then other forms of treatment may be required such as injections and suppositories.  A common medication alprostadil is a medication which can automatically trigger an erection within minutes of administration.  There are two ways of giving this medication either by injection which is directed straight into the penis or can be given as a suppository which is placed into the urethra at the tip of the penis.  A side effect of this medication is that it can lead to priaprism which is a prolonged erection and can prove to be a risk to your health.

Vacuum devices improve the firmness of the penis by increasing the blood flow.  By using this type of device correctly an erection can be obtained which is hard enough for intercourse.  A vacuum device is a clear plastic cylindrical tube-like object which slides over the penis.  A pump either manual or battery operated removes the air from the tube like device which in turn sends blood to the penis.  To prevent blood flow loss from the penis a rubber type ring is placed at the base of the penis which maintains the firmness of the penis for sexual activity.  These devices are available with or without a prescription.

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