Foods (especially that contain selenium and Aphrodisiac) can increase sexual energy, intensifying the potency and fertility. The best way to improve your sex life is to carefully analyze your lifestyle – and the cornerstone of the lifestyle is the food you eat. If you do not eat healthy foods, you will experience a decrease in libido and this can lead to erectile dysfunction because nutritional deficiencies and unhealthy eating habits have a negative effect on the hormones that control your sexuality. But with a little care, eating beneficial foods, you can return to a great sex life. Do not eat only these foods; simply incorporate them into your daily diet and your lifestyle.

Brazilian nuts are very rich in selenium. Italian researchers were able to link a diet low in selenium to infertility in men. Selenium prevents oxidation (degradation) of seminal cells. Selenium contents of two Brazil nuts provide over 60% of the RDA of selenium. This mineral prevents heart disease and cancer, and protects the prostate. Selenium also helps reduce and lower cholesterol and blood clots. The lack of selenium causes cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or early aging.
Fenetilamine in chocolate products can lead to euphoric mood and the release of the dopamine, hormone responsible for producing orgasm. Moderate consumption of chocolate, especially the dark one, has a powerful antioxidant property. Some studies have also demonstrated an effect of reducing blood pressure and improving brain activity, providing energy.

Bee pollen is of food-drug with a rapid and extensive recovery effect, because it stimulates all the vital processes. It is very effective in cases decreased libido, erectile dysfunction caused by fatigue and stress; it works effectively restoring normal sexual activity after only 2 weeks of treatment. It contains many substances that have an important role in maintaining and enhancing male potency such as arginina1, zinc (Zn), and many vitamins.

Honey is an effective aphrodisiac for men and women, with refreshing effect. It is very nutritious, increases the secretions of sexual glands causes and in smaller quantities (2 teaspoons per day) helps to regulate body weight. It is used as an aphrodisiac or as a support for other herbal remedies with aphrodisiac effect. It is known as an elixir of love. It is especially recommended in combination with egg yolk or other aphrodisiac herbs.

Onion is one of the most common aphrodisiacs and most easily procured. Its popularity as an aphrodisiac was, at some point, so great that in some Catholic monasteries was prohibited its consumption. It is a powerful nervous stimulant, regulates the glandular system and also is a stimulant of the immune system. It is recommended for revitalization, it increases the vitality, as and has an important role in detoxifying the body, being a powerful depurative. In addition to being an aphrodisiac it also helps to fight diseases that cause erectile dysfunction, such as urinary infections, arthritis, diabetes (mild forms). Certain individuals or those who ear too much onions can experience adverse effects of the aphrodisiac: a state of drowsiness, sleepiness, and sometimes digestive disorders. For those who do not tolerate it well, it is recommended seasoning it with spicy herb with like: pepper, paprika, curry, ginger, cumin, fennel, and allspice.

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