For idiopaticheskoy acute GB (IOGB) has become one quick or bilateral cross-cutting GB. Attacks begin spontaneously related symptoms, nausea, eyes – no. The frequency of attacks varies, their duration unpredictable. For the duration of pain in the very short-IOGB of all types tsefalgy (1-2 seconds), it erectile dysfunction aids should troynichnogo nerve neuralgia (a few seconds). Of course, the GB may not be the sole criterion for differential diagnosis for her diagnosis to be thorough in their clinical picture of all types of short GB.

Some patients’ pain begins spontaneously, others in history have head injuries and eye oftalmogerpes but no signs postgerpeticheskoy neuralgia. Containment GB can be precarious, often in the space field. Attacks begin suddenly, the intensity from moderate to strong, the nature of pain-kolyuschaya or pulsating. The frequency of attacks varies from one year to 50 a day. Attacks provoke emotional stress, bright light, postural changes. Sometimes, there are accompanying symptoms: ipsilateralnye bleeding in the conjunctiva, the feeling in the eyes of foreign body on the side of destruction, dizziness, but in most cases the pain attacks occur erectile dysfunction aids spontaneously and without concomitant STDs.

IOGB there either as an isolated disease, or in combination with other symptoms, migraine, GB voltage, a cluster GB, chronic paroxysmal gemikraniey and vertebragene GB (more than 50% of patients); Most IOGB associated with migraine. If IOGB attack coincided with migrenoznymi, it is usually the same, and their localization. IOGB prevalence among women because associate species (Migraine, GB voltage vertebrogennaya GB), they are more susceptible.
It should be distinguished from IOGB neuralgia first troynichnogo nerve branches, as a component of a temple with a neuralgia poorly understood. With differentiation include a kurkovyh zones and karbamazepina effect. And finally, we should not forget that the majority of patients treated primarily by eye, IOGB have been more, but independent complaint.

IOGB-first-sound GB. The disease begins in mature and old age. The main clinical symptoms are: mono – or short multifokalnye epileptic GB with migrant localization; The frequency of attacks may vary; Irregular or sporadic temporal pattern; Few associated symptoms and trigger mechanisms; Combination erectile dysfunction aids with other GB, often with competitive temple located in the area; Sick mostly women; possible partial response to depression.

Syndrome Kostena

Quite often occurs, but little another GB – miofastsialnaya pain in the parotid areas related to the temporal nizhnechelyustnogo joint dysfunction syndrome – Kostena. Ignorance and detecting this disease leads to unsuccessful treatment, although such patients can help.
Kostena syndrome (pain dysfunction temporal nizhnechelyustnogo joint) symptoms, reflected pain and dysfunction of the joint, which is particularly inkongruentnost (off) form of joint components. This discrepancy adjusted by vnutrisustavnogo drive. During the joint-moving the ball on the lower jaw joint arm temporal bone-Congruence continues through work krylovidnoy lateral muscle.

Cause of pain dysfunction temporal nizhnechelyustnogo joint most-pathology of Sciences, which resulted in a disproportionate burden on the joint (unilateral chewing). An erectile dysfunction aids abnormal situation lower jaw alone with incorrect occlusion increases Oxytocics active in chewable muscles, and that becomes a factor activation miofastsialnyh trigger points. And on the side of early contact teeth and suffered lateral krylovidnye medialis muscles, but on the opposite side-bite and temples.

Regardless of the primary factors launch diseases key role in its pathogenesis can play second caused pain dysfunction chewable muscles, in particular, lateral, demanding vnutrisustavnoy drive. Even when you start psihoemotsionalnogo disease by a factor of uneven or excessive burden on the joint later, it can develop organic changes.

The main clinical manifestation of the syndrome Kostena-served pain of the unilateral nature lokalizuyuschayasya okoloushno- teeth in front of the external audible passage. Pain can irradirovat in ear, temple, cheek, podchelyustnuyu area neck. An important diagnostic feature is growing pains with opening mouth and chewing. Limited openings mouth, the lower jaw with a shift in the party committing the S figurative movement in the joint are crunched or schelkanie. To determine the limits of opening mouth usually trehfalangovy test:

  • Normally when fully open mouth between the upper and lower incisors should be folded together proksimalnye mezhfalangovye joints index, middle and ring fingers. If erectile dysfunction aids in chewable muscle trigger points could open mouth for two proksimalnyh mezhfalangovyh joint, in heavy defeat muscles up to a half.
  • In palpatsii chewing muscle groups find local gipertonusy a tight muscles stations providing local and reflected pain, as well as varying degrees vyrazhennosti lockjaw. Palpation chewing muscles are from the outside and inside. Index finger enter into the mouth, teeth and muscle fibers rolled between high index finger outside and inside.
  • If trigger points in the outer layer of chewing muscles, depending on location is reflected pain in the lower jaw, teeth and root relevant part Gums, in the upper jaw, upper teeth root in nadbrove, temple, temporal area nizhnechelyustnogo joint. If the trigger point localized in the deep layer of chewing muscles, pain in the affected ear, often with a sense of constant noise without impairing hearing. This noise due to constant activity of muscles, natyagivayuschey partition from drum.
  • When locating trigger points in the temporal muscles, palpiruemoy in temples Gap, the pain is in the temple, appropriate eye, upper jaw or teeth in the jaw and very temporal nizhnechelyustnoy joint.
  • Muscles bottom mouth, krylovidnye medialis and lateral, in the normal inspection difficult and require special dental research. In palpatsii medialis muscle pain reflected in the rear wall age, sometimes cause nose and throat as well as in depth ear. It often baroakuziya (debts ears), this erectile dysfunction aids leads to increased tone krylonebnoy medialis muscles, which blocks the effects of muscle, napryagayuschey soft sky at the base evstahievoy pipes.


Krylonebnaya lateral muscles attached to the disk temporal nizhnechelyustnogo joint exercises and joint nomination drive, so if there is a violation teeth with premature contact with the relevant parties to the lateral muscles are krylonebnoy local gipertonusy that, in turn, is temporal nizhnechelyustnogo joint dysfunction. Pain can occur in the joint area, and appear in the upper jaw.

An additional method differentially diagnostic studies using X temporal nizhnechelyustnogo joint. When syndrome Kostena to learn not found pathological changes, unlike arthrosis, acute, subacute and chronic arthritis with a similar syndrome Kostena pain syndrome, as well as limiting the opening mouth, noise, hlopanie in the joint. The main difference with these diseases, learn to identify changes in the joint: erectile dysfunction aids narrowing gaps surface, deformation of the ball, and multiple joint surface deformation. The treatment is to eliminate the causes of the syndrome: in the correction of teeth, dental prosthetic rehabilitation okklyuzionnoy height that reduces clinical manifestations.

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