Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Exploring erectile dysfunction treatment options

The number one priority of your physician is to ensure that the appropriate therapy is administered to remedy any situation that is creating or exacerbating your erectile dysfunction. While there are numerous forms of erectile dysfunction treatment available, the form of treatment or combination of treatments that will be administered is often based on how serious the erectile dysfunction is and the factors responsible for the condition.

It is the duty of your doctor to spell out the dangers and advantages of various erectile dysfunction treatments and then suggest which treatment is most suitable for you. What your spouse finds comfortable is another factor that might influence which erectile dysfunction treatment you select.

Oral treatments

One of the many approaches to treating erectile dysfunction is through the use of pills which are administered through the mouth.  The various types of oral erectile dysfunction drugs are:

  • Sildenafil which is the generic name is often sold under the brand name Viagra,
  • Tadalafil is the generic name which is sole under brand names like Adcirca and Cialis,
  • Vardenafil is the generaic name sold under brand names like Levitra and Staxyn ,
  • Avanfil is the generic name sold under brand names like Stendra.

The drugs listed above have one common impact on the body which is to dilate and expand penile tissue. This is achieved by strengthening naturally produced nitric oxide in your system. When any of these drugs is administered, there will be tremendous blood movement towards your penile tissue which creates an erection when the required level of erotic arousal is present.

Contrary to popular misconception, thee pills cannot give you an erection without necessary erotic arousal. These drugs function by elevating the production of nitric oxide which will then dilate penis tissues. Many men benefit immensely from this treatment as it allows them to perform like they should. It is important to note that there is a clear distinction between these oral treatments and a sexual stimulant. You cannot expect these drugs to create a desire sex. However, some can depend on them to give you the required erection for performance.

What are the symptoms of ED?

While all of the earlier mentioned pills perform the same function, it would interest you to know that they have different prescribed amounts, different adverse effects and different length of efficacy in the body. It is possible to experience reddening of the face, slight blockage of nasal passage, irregularity of sight, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

After a meticulous assessment, your physician will select the most suitable one of the four drugs listed above. It comes highly recommended that you collaborate with your physician to identify which drug and prescribed amount gives the best results.

While these drugs are potent, there are certain conditions that can inhibit their level of efficacy. Recipients with high blood sugar level may not get the desired benefits from this treatment. There are also conditions that make these drugs very unsafe for use:  When you are on nitrate drugs which are commonly administered to remedy various form of chest discomfort, when you have any form of cardiac condition and when you suffer from remarkably low blood pressure.

Other erectile dysfunction treatment methods

Apart from oral treatment which is quite pervasive, other erectile dysfunction treatment methods contain the following:

  • Alprostadil self-injection:




    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

    This is one of the most effective approaches to remedying cases of erectile dysfunction. It involves injecting the penis with Alprostadil. This treatment is known to work in a majority of men irrespective of the cause of ED.  It begins to function in about 5 minutes after the shot and recipients are required to wait at least 30 minutes before sex.  Various brand names of this Alprostadil are papaverine, alprostadil and phentolamine. Some of the dangers associated with this treatment method are the possibility of priapism and injuries to the penis. It comes highly recommended that you refrain from taking blood thinners with this treatment.

  • Alprostadil urethral suppository:

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

    Alprostadil urethral treatment is a lot more convenient to administer than the self-injection. All that is required is placing a small alprostadil suppository in your penile urethra with the aid of a specially designed apparatus.  The dangers involved with this treatment approach encompass hemorrhage and the creation of tough flesh in penile tissue.

  • Testosterone replacement:

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

    This is a highly specialized treatment method that is administered when erectile problem is caused by poor testosterone production in the body. Testosterone is responsible for many male features and also affects sex drive and sexual functions. If erectile dysfunction is as a result of poor testosterone production, your doctor will most likely prescribe testosterone replacement.

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