Erectile dysfunction pumps (also called erection pumps and penis pumps) are externally-applied devices that allow men suffering from ED to achieve, and hold their erections long enough to complete satisfactory sexual intercourse. Sometimes referred to as VCDs (Vacuum Constriction Devices), these pumps are proven to be effective for men who are either unable, or unwilling to use drugs like Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis, as well as those who are looking for less-intrusive alternatives to surgery.

There are three basic components to the erectile dysfunction pump: a plastic cylinder, a hand pump (some brands offer battery-powered pumps), and a band that can be tightened around the penis as desired. Using the pump involves placing the cylinder securely over the penis, using the hand pump to draw all of the air out of the cylinder (creating a vacuum), and finally tightening the band around the base of the penis shaft after a sufficient amount of blood has been drawn in by the vacuum to create an erection.

Once the user has an erection, the vacuum is released, and the cylinder and pump are both disconnected. The man is then able to have sexual intercourse, provided the constriction band remains around his penis.

What Are The Benefits of Using a VCD?

The most obvious benefit of using a VCD is that the user is able to avoid the costs and side effects associated with erectile dysfunction drugs, and the even higher costs and potential difficulties associated with surgical treatments like vascular reconstructive surgery and penis implants. Generally speaking, erectile dysfunction pumps are inexpensive, and easy to use.

What Are The Drawbacks to Using a VCD?

Because the VCD essentially works by forcibly holding blood in the penis long enough to have sexual intercourse, its primary drawbacks are a loss of sensitivity (some men report numbness in the penis while wearing the band), a limited period of time in which intercourse must be completed (the band should not be worn for more than 30 minutes), and a noticeable decrease in the intensity and volume of the user’s ejaculation.

The appearance of the penis while using erectile dysfunction pumps can also be unpleasant for some users, as it generally turns an unnatural shade of purple, and may even develop bruising as a result of the vacuum’s suction.

What Else Should I Know About Erectile Dysfunction Pumps?

Erectile dysfunction pumps come in several different brands and models, but almost all deliver high levels of customer satisfaction, with recent studies concluding that as high as 80% of VCD users are satisfied with their devices. The primary difference between most versions on the market is ease of use, comfort, and price.

While basic hand pumps (e.g. Encore Impo-Aid Vacuum Manual Impotence Device) usually sell for somewhere around $150, the better battery-powered models (e.g. Timm Medical / Osbon ErecAid Esteem Battery Operated Impotence Pump go for more than twice that amount. Fortunately, the majority of insurance providers now cover at least some portion of the cost associated with buying an erectile dysfunction pump. Furthermore, even the most-expensive erectile dysfunction pumps are a fraction of the price one would pay for an annual supply of ED drugs, or for a surgical remedy to the problem.

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