Erectile dysfunction in young men, on a subjective level, doesn’t exist. At least, it’s largely ignored or disregarded. And this is because young men – from their own subjective point of view or experience – can’t and/or don’t want to believe that erectile dysfunction could really happen.

They want to believe ED is a myth – for them.

Add to that, doctors and “experts” don’t tell them the truth about the real possibility of them being faced with a severe case of erectile dysfunction – even impotence – later in life. Instead they feed them with BS that they can ‘get by’ if they just keep on doing the same thing over and over again, possibly altering a couple of things here and there… “But don’t worry about a thing!”

The Consequences Of Non-Belief In Erectile Dysfunction

Young guys accept it at face value because… they want to. After all, they’re horny as hell and it suits their current situation.

Actually, it’s not as much of a conscious choice as this. They are wrapped up in the chaos of their relentless libido. As guys, we need to ejaculate. If we don’t, we become irate, irritable. We can’t function properly. And when I say young, I’m including guys up to the age of 40 to 45.

In turn, the slow & gradual decline from a teenager’s ‘bursting at the seams’ virility gets ignored. No matter what the age, on a fundamental level, a guy with erectile dysfunction – or those who just fear its impending onset – has just kept on blindly reacting, which is what leads to later-in-life impotence.

Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction As Behavior

More specifically, it’s ignoring the early signs of erectile dysfunction that fuels its inevitable onset. These signs are not effects. They are the certain modes of behavior most (if not all) guys establish or adopt for dealing with the chaos of their relentless libido.

More often than not, they didn’t plan the habits they’ve formed or even give them much second thought. They just fall into it. Most guys just react to feeling like they need release of pressure.

There is a variety of scenarios. A confident alpha-male could choose, from a young age, to have sex frequently and with many women. Or an insecure guy could lock himself up in his bedroom or apartment, hiding from the world as he masturbates endlessly. A guy could be a watered-down mix of both of these moving from one relationship to the next, or he might just be ‘traditional’ where he’s content (or has been conditioned) to stay with one life-long partner.

The details of how their reactions to the chaos of their relentless libido manifest in the physical world doesn’t matter because their internal state is always reacting to the same seemingly endless supply for the need to get off.

Altering Erectile Dysfunction Habits

Sooner or later, the effect of blind reaction leads to a weakened erection. The widespread nature of this is seen in endless pills and related products being promoted on the internet. It’s offline as well, but a certain anonymity online gives guys who probably would not have bothered otherwise the freedom to seek out a ‘solution’.

Of course, the erectile dysfunction ‘solution’ they find is both short-term and unnatural. Instead, if they were to re-train their body and mind to respond to impulses and sensations they feel, they would not only improve their natural erection today but move closer to the far-out idea that erectile dysfunction can be a myth.

The Key To Release Erectile Dysfunction

The key is to accept and acknowledge the decline of libido as early as possible, rather than keeping your head in the sand, so to speak.

The earlier you choose to do this the better. But it’s never too late. It doesn’t matter how old you are or how far into erectile dysfunction you think you are: Reversing the spiral-effect of erectile dysfunction is about identifying where, when & how the certain mode of behavior you have adopted for dealing with the chaos of a relentless libido was sparked.

In Conclusion

The starting point of erectile dysfunction is earlier than you think. And if you reduce it to its root level, it’s always the same: For men to understand their sexual history and what led them to their current situation is what will alter and/or dictate their sexual future – their ability to maintain a naturally rock hard erection.


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