There are many ways used to treat erectile dysfunction. Which one to choose depends on an individual, on the causes of erectile dysfunction and on personal needs.

Sex Therapy

If the causes of your problems are more psychological, then the best erectile dysfunction treatments for you are all kinds of sex therapy. With sex therapy it is very easy to overcome many psychological factors that usually bother you during sex and can cause erectile dysfunction. First contact your psychotherapist and work with him either alone or with your couple to lower the possible tension between you. Sexual counselors sometimes are very helpful, especially when it’s necessary to solve such erectile dysfunction problems, like poor sexual communication and high expectations.



If erectile dysfunction is caused by more serious health problems, then stronger ED treatments will be required. Among them are such medical treatments as oral medications. There are lots of drugs offered to treatment of sexual problems, such as Levitra, Cialis, Viagra and other. Some of these pills are available only by prescription; some can be easily bought without visiting a doctor. And even those oral medications, which need a prescription, have some non-prescription replacements. Some oral medications are for single use (can be used just once a day before sexual intercourse); others need to be taken regularly to achieve results.


Injection medicines are also available for erectile dysfunction treatments. For this kind of treatment you will need to be able to use a short needle to inject medicine into the penis. Medications, like phentolamine, prostaglandin and other give results that last for 30 minutes or longer. Injection medications give more direct results, as the medicine works only in the penis, not in the entire body. Prostaglandin is the only medicine, which is approved for ED treatments<. Injection medications give results in up to 80% of cases, and according to feedback, the results are very natural. Self-injections can be used more than once (up to 7 times a day) and are almost painless, but give more short-term results.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are another popular treatment of male’s sexual problems. It is relatively complicated, when compared to oral treatment. A plastic tube forms a seal and a penis is put inside it. When a vacuum is created, penis gets hard giving necessary erection. Then a soft ring is put on the penis base, and can be left there for up to 30 minutes. Vacuum pumps can be easily used at home, but still need some experience and practice.


Surgery is the hardest and most radical solution for ED treatments. Penile implants, like tubes or rods are inserted surgically. Metal rod, covered with silicon, gives hardness to the penis, but can be sometimes complicated to wear with some kinds of clothes. Inflatable penile implants, consisting of two tubes. Sterile liquid will have to be pumped into the tubes, and after sexual intercourse is returned to the reservoir. Penis surgeries are very complicated and can cause serious failures, therefore are dangerous.

A vascular reconstructive surgery is a very rear way to treat erectile dysfunction and helps improve blood flow into the penis. Basically, during this operation poor veins, which are not working properly are removed and replaced by veins taken from leg. This kind of erectile dysfunction treatments gives best results for young men (50-70% positive results). Bounding of veins is another surgery performed to prevent leaking of veins, and helps improve in up to 50% of cases.


Herbal Treatment

Overall health is very important for sexual health, therefore is not very serious cases natural health treatment can be used as one of the ways of sexual dysfunction treatments. The main elements of natural treatment are healthy food and herbal diet. It’s better to eat whole and fresh foods, a lot of fruits and berries, vegetables, fish. Fried foods, coffee, sugar, dairy products and caffeine are not recommended for those suffering from ED. Drink a lot of water. Nutrition supplements and vitamins will assist you in proper dieting to reduce the risks and lower the level of problematic sexual intercourses.

Herbal treatments are also working in some cases of sexual dysfunction. Plus, they don’t give any side effects. Such herbs as “panax ginseng”, “turnera diffusa”, “ptychopetalum olacoides” and other are used to treat impotence and are considered to be strong aphrodisiacs.

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