Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety in Young Men Is Becoming A central Topic Of Discussion.

Many people believe that Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety only affects Older Men.However,the real truth that has come to light,is that any Man Who Has Reached Maturity Can Be Affected By Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety.

More and more factors are being brought to light in regards to Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety Among Young Men. and what contributes to this growing concern. Though the number of young men being affected is only an estimation because of the embarrassment associated with Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety, they are less likely talk to anyone or seek medical attention.

According to Recent studies done by Viagra, the number of Young Men Under 30 using there product Is On The Rise

A number of questions could be raised as to why the increase in the number of men under 30 using Viagra.Some experts say that men in general, Young And Old are feeling more intimidated by women with more demands and higher expectations sexually.

Dating in the 21st century has change a little.

It’s no longer a dinner and a movie that is required of you.Women In General Are Much More Demanding Within The Relationship Today.With the increase of Demands And Expectations,the anxiety resulting from this can create Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety in Young Men, and problems in the Bedroom.This pressure can be seen as one of the reason leading Younger Men To Purchase Medications For Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety,like Viagra..

What Has Made Women More Demanding And Expecting More Sexually today, than 20 years ago?

First and foremost Is The Television, which has play a major role in the changed mindset and level of expectation and demands for women in the 21 century.A good example would be, Sex In the City, displaying powerful women in the workplace, no longer at home taking care of the children. but moving ahead of men acquiring positions of power and leadership. There is now also a certain amount of freedom around the subject of sex that is different from 20 years ago. People are letting it all hang out,so to speak..

Women are more confident about their abilities and their new roles within society. That Being Equal With Men..They are more financially stable,and able to take care of themselves. This mindset can lead to an overall increase of pressure on the man to perform.Some Women actually believe that they only need men for sex , resulting in a empty and unfulfilled state within the woman.

We Need Each Other For More Than Just Sex..

Treating men under 30 with Viagra is becoming very common today

Several studies,articles, and reports clearly show that their has been an ongoing increase in the purchase of Viagra among Younger Men. A number of doctors stated that back in the late 90′s when Viagra came on the scene, most of the men buying viagra were in their 60′s and having issues with diabetes. Today with the increased expectations of the women, and the pressure on the man to perform,the whole scene has changed,resulting in Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety in Young Men.

The root of the problem is Performance Anxiety

Being overly concern about how you will preform during a sexual encounter,and how good you were after, can cause a man to loose his erection,or not get one at all.Or if he does get a erection, he may experience premature ejaculation from the anxiety surrounding the sexual act. The elevated pressure to preform by the women can be a little to much pressure for some men.

Hence,Erectile Dysfunction Anxiety in Young Men, is quickly becoming a Common Reality Within Our Society where Bigger,Stronger,Faster is the Goal…

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