Most guys with erectile dysfunction are breathing incorrectly. However, common methods taught to correct your breathing pattern don’t do anything to boost your sexual response; that is, improve your erections.

At best, it focuses your attention and calms the mind.

At worst, it wastes your time and causes more frustration only adding to your erectile dysfunction.

To understand the flaw in what others will try to tell you or get you to do it’s important to understand some basics so you know exactly what to do about it to regain & maintain a natural erection.

Breathing Basics

First, breathing is important to fuel oxygen to the blood supply. This is true for just staying alive. More importantly, it helps blood flow to the penis so it can engorge and enlarge and, hopefully, stay erect.

The standard narrative on correct breathing is about efficiently using the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a sheet of internal skeletal muscle that extends across the bottom of the rib cage. It separates the heart, lungs & ribs from the abdominal cavity.

And this is why if you are breathing by focusing on the diaphragm your belly expands and contracts, appearing to go up & down, which is how a baby naturally breathes.

Breathing To Release Tension

A shift of focus on this method of breathing is to allow your rib-cage to expand out to the sides and imagine the oxygen you are breathing in to ‘fill up’ your lower back, as opposed to letting your belly expand. It’s a common technique in activities like Pilates and Yoga, which can help release tension in the lower back and hips.

Then there is purposeful chest breathing. You focus on letting the diaphragm expand so your lungs can fill with air and at the same time you let your chest expand, kind of like you are puffing your chest from the inside.

The danger with this is there is a tendency to employ muscular tension to expand the chest, rather than relaxing and letting the oxygen do its job.

Bad-Breathing Mistakes

The almost unavoidable tendency to use tension in the back to expand the chest is what confuses beneficial chest-breathing with the habitual shallow breathing that most people fall into, both men and women.

Normally, bad breathing habits fuel internal chatter, upsets emotions and perpetuates physical tension; not to mention perpetuates erectile dysfunction.

People who are completely unconscious with how they are breathing never get a full lung of oxygen and never completely exhale. And this is the reason it’s quite easy to get someone to feel better generally just by focusing their attention on how they are breathing.

But it doesn’t do anything for a guy like yourself with erectile dysfunction.

Breathing For Your Erection

The reason the above 3 improved techniques for breathing don’t help improve erections is to do with how most people breathe inefficiently; specifically, with not fully exhaling.

There are reserves of ‘stale’ oxygen sitting in your body taking up the space of potentially new & fresh oxygen. Without ridding yourself of old oxygen, even if you practice deep-breathing exercises, your body is still not getting the oxygen it needs.

If you practice deep diaphragmatic breathing you will notice a difference in general well-being. But that’s relative to where you were before and how badly you were breathing. In absolute terms, for improving your erections and releasing erectile dysfunction, noticeable positive changes will be minimal.

In Conclusion

  • So what do you do about it?

To start with, you can alter your mindset about what it means to breathe. For most people, their focus is on the in-breath. If you mentally shift to focusing on the out-breath and you really get rid of used up oxygen which has been converted to carbon dioxide, then breathing in new & fresh oxygen will be automatic and natural.

Whatever physical technique you are using, whether it’s one of the generic three described above or another which is specific to helping  improve erections, if you make sure you are fully exhaling then your internal systems will kick-start and your blood-flow will accelerate.

If you combine the change of mental focus to the out-breath with a specific increase in body awareness and internal directives, your erections will return as you release erectile dysfunction.


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